Why cant we have two or more answers as solution

Hi there,

Most of the time when I ask questions in the forum, different people give different answers that all work and can be the solution for different people.
I suggest that let people mark more than one answer as solution, so whoever comes next can check more than one way to resolve the issue.

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Absolutely I agree. There should be an update on the forum regarding marking more than one solution.

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Hi @Aida_Azar @ridvanucok

Thank you for your suggestions.

Could you please add some more context to this request, or rather what is the actual problem that this aims to solve?

I would expect that if a user arrives at a topic with a solution, they will first try the post marked as solution and if it will not work, they will read the topic in detail either way. We also already have likes on each post which allows you to quickly judge which posts seem more valuable as a resolution to the issue.

Wouldn’t having more than 1 solution tick be more confusing? As it is currently, it kind of forces one to make a decision to choose the most applicable answer, which in turn should help the future user reading the topic the most.

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Hi Maciej,

Thank you for your reply. I want to bring in my last question in the forum.

There were two ways suggested to solve my problem, and both of them are correct and have no priority over others. It happens a lot in coding that two different codes can give the same result.
To avoid confusion, we can have solutions 1, 2 to 3. When someone chooses one post as a solution, there can be allowed to choose up to two more posts as alternative solutions.