Why can we only specify an account for a test set but no machine?


when you create a test set on Orchestrator, you can only set a user/robot account but no machine.

But when you create a job on Orchestrator, you can set both a user/robot account and a machine.

Question: What’s the reason for only allowing the definition of a user/robot account for a test set?

Best, Emerald.

Hi @Emerald

Even for jobs now you won’t have it in new versions. It is available only in old version. Now the robots are directly linked to machines. As test manager was in after this change may be you have screenshots of only those


Hi @Anil_G, I’m using the community edition of Orchestrator. So, the screenshots are from Orchestrator, not Test Manager. I also don’t see how the robots are linked to machines. The robots are tied to the accounts, not the machines. You can have no machines but robots. I’m confused by your answer. Could you please clarify what you mean by saying “now the robots are directly linked to machines”?

Hi @Emerald

Sorry if that was confusing. While creating a robot you would have been asked to select as Machine as well. Please check the video on how to create a robot. Thats what i was trying to explain

And to explain you have two types of bots standard and floating

In standard you need to assign a machine and bot runs only on that machine

Floating robota on other hand can work on any machine that is configured but this is supported only for attended and development licenses.

Test cases when run are done mostly on standard robots itself so you see that option of only selecting the robot but not the machine

Hope this clears


Hi @Anil_G,

again, when you create a test set, you can only specify the user/robot account. This account can be mapped to multiple machines. So, in this setup, there’s no way to define that you want to run a test set with a certain account on a certain machine.

To do that, you (1) need to create a standard machine, (2) assign one account to that machine, and (3) make sure that this account is not mapped to other machines to run a test set with that account on that machine.

I simply do not understand why the setup of a test set doesn’t allow to specify both an account and a machine, just as you do it when you create a job. To me, the current way of creating test sets limits the flexibility. Don’t you think so? I’m probably missing something important to understand why, but I don’t know what it is.

@ThomasStocker, would you please be so kind and clarify why you can only specify an account but no machine when creating a test set? What’s the rationale behind this product decision?

Best, Emerald.

Hi @Emerald

Just to understand is your floating robots getting displayed or are available to select in your dataset?

Test cases we anyways wont be running the case in attended rather we do it on remote itself.

I agree that if available it is useful but we can achieve same by creating robot by respective users to respective machines…

User1 can be assigned to both vm01 and vm02 by creating two robots with each vm.