Why can I not scroll down on my Execute Query activity?

Hi everyone,

I am currently working on creating an activity that runs a series of audit tests against rows in a database. I’m having no issues with the actual method of doing this but for some reason, I cannot scroll down past rule 12 to see the rest of the rules. First off, I am trying to write the rules in there and I need to scroll down to do so.

Also, is there an easier way to resize the query window?

This may be a basic question but it has really stalled my progress. I am attaching my workflow below.

LoadSequence.xaml (32.4 KB)

Go to the property panel of the execute query activity and click on the Sql(which is in the input part of the property panel), then you can resize and scroll down.


Hi @hall1570

regarding the command you can give it in stored procedure

ashwin S

I was clicking the edit SQL button on the actual activity itself. Thanks!

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