Why C# .NET is mostly used for building your own custom activities in UiPath

If I’m not wrong, we can use any programming language to build custom activity in UiPath But I just got a question, why C#.NET is much famous in building custom activities over other languages? Are there any pros of using C#.NET??


As UiPath runs on Windows Workflow Foundation / .net framework, custom activities need to be built as CIL(Common Intermediate Language). So, language which we can write for custom activities is mainly VB, C# and F# , as the following content.

  • C# is most popular language in these.
  • VB is said it might no longer evolve.
  • UiPath provides UiPath Acitivity Creator which is Visual Studio extension for C#.

I think it’s better to use C# for the above reasons, if we create custom activity.



That’s a detailed information, thanks alot @Yoichi :+1: