Why are the click selector validations are getting failed each time I run a project


I have a webpage and an excel for making currency related transactions. I use click and type into activites to write excel values into elements of website. Each time I try to run the process, my selectors of click & typeInto are getting failed. I have to repair them or indicate them each time irun a project.

I tried to using Inject JS script to feed excel values into website elements, but there are no unique element - name/className/tag/Id to write JS code. I use only explore to both edit selectors and run process on.

please help me.

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Can you try send hotkeys instead of click activities please try it manualy if you can do it using the keyboard. @Srikavya_n

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whenever we use CLICK or TYPE INTO ACTIVITY make sure that the dynamicc part of selector and its attribute is replaced with wild card symbols *
to find the dynamic part
click on the element for the first time and get the selector and paste that in a notepad
and then reopen the application and do the same and get the selector and paste in notepad
now we can find the differnece in the selector with some attribute
replace that part of value with wild card *

and then use that as selector, this applies the same for type into activity as well
and enable simulate click and simulate type property as well


to be better once after opening the webpage use GET ACTIVE WINDOW activity and use SEND HOT KEY activity with key as tab alone and no element chosen
use n number of hot keys with key as tab until it goees to the field we want
once after reaching use TYPE INTO activity again only with input string and not element chosen
this will work either

Cheers @Srikavya_n


I suggest to look around the htmlwindowname thats look like a hash or something. Try to find an other selector to fix the problem (You can use * if needed). I also recommand to replace the css-selector that is not very stable (css can change, and you can have few issues because of that).

Good luck :+1:

Thanks for the suggestions. But i couldnt understand - “what would be the dynamic part of the selector? or what would be the variable part of selector ?”.

I have seen the videos regarding selectors but couldnt get a solid grip on them despite completinf level-2 training.

please help me on a note of better uunderstanding and decoding the selectors.

The simplest way to check if a selector is dynamic or not is with the UiExplorer, if its valide once, but after a refresh it’s not, in most of the cases due to a dynamic selector.
To fix it, open UiExplorer and try to find a way to find the element you need from it. (eg : using parent element, and tag)