Why am I unable to capture a download button individually?

Hey, folks. I am currently facing an issue with my existing UiPath project. Previously, it was functioning normally, but today, suddenly, I am unable to click the download button on a Chrome PDF print page. As a result, I decided to use UIExplorer to re-capture the selector for this button. However, using this project, I am unable to capture the button individually and can only capture the entire page. Even when I created a new project, I faced the same problem.

Subsequently, I lowered the UIAutomation version from 21.10.3 to 19.11.1 and changed the UI Explorer framework from Default to AA to UIA to Default. This change allowed me to capture the button individually. Following this, no matter if I restored the UIAutomation version and UI Explorer framework or used any framework, or even created a new project using a higher version (21.10.3), I could still successfully capture the download button.

However, when I closed and reopened Chrome, everything stopped working again, and I couldn’t capture the download button. I am curious about the fundamental reason behind this phenomenon. Has anyone encountered a similar situation and could share a solution?

Additionally, what I have confirmed so far is that during the initial version downgrade, it’s necessary to go back to a major version starting with 19; versions 20 and above don’t work. Moreover, the framework must complete a cycle (Default to AA to UIA to Default), otherwise, it doesn’t work either. As long as these two steps are completed, the download button can be captured successfully, even in a newly created project.

From my own testing, I have ruled out several factors: the success of capturing is unrelated to the new packages added after downgrading UIAutomation to 19.11.1, as I have deleted all packages added after the downgrade without affecting capturing. It’s also unrelated to the “uistudio.setting” and “uiactivities.setting” files, as I closed UiPath Studio, deleted these files, and restarted UiPath without affecting capturing.

Based on my current speculation, the issue might be related to Chrome or the Chrome UiPath extension. This is because, when not closing the project, simply closing and reopening Chrome leads to the issue of not being able to capture elements.

I understand that I can use Ctrl+S or Click Image, but I am more interested in knowing the root cause because I’ve encountered this issue in multiple projects. I am not intending to modify the code for this.If there is no reasonable explanation, then this clearly seems to be a bug.

Download button looks like this

Hi @specialmoonlight ,

UI Framework: AA is working for me with selector:

Hi @specialmoonlight ,

UI framework: AA is working for me with latest Studio version and Classic Click activity.


Hi @specialmoonlight,

Have you tried CV Click for this issue. or else try to use OCR click


Try with click on image or CV click