Why am I able to run UiRobot from command line without publishing?


Currently I am using UiPath Community Edition (2018.2.4). I’ve created a simple .bat file that runs the following command:

C:\Users<<my_user_id>>\AppData\Local\UiPath\app-18.2.4\UiRobot.exe -file C:\Users<<my_user_id>>\Desktop\testAutomation\Main.xaml

where <<my_user_id>> is my desktop user ID.

Everything works as expected - the bot executes, and performs the activities in Main.xaml.

My concern is that I expect execution to fail because I haven’t ever published the project. On the following link:

…the -f / -file argument is described as…

“Start executing a specified workflow, in a .xaml file format. You must specify the entire path between quotation marks. As of 2018.2, workflows started with this command only work if you had published the containing project at least once beforehand and if the associated project.json file is inside the project folder.

However, without publishing (or even running) the project beforehand, I am able to run the command while passing in the .xaml file.

Why does it work? Does the community edition not have the restriction with -file mentioned on the website? Is this limitation only present with the enterprise edition of UiPath Robot?