Why after I changed my output file path from local to shared folder,

Hi guys I have a question about shared folder.
I already created the process and it wrote the correct result to my local path.
However after I changed the output file path to shared folder, the result which supposed to be written into the excel but it didn’t write anything in the file.
Why is it happen?
Is that because of the button of “Enabled Edit” or something else?

Thanks in advance!

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no worries
usually when we are using shared folder,
kindly write the excel file keeping in your own project folder first and once after writing the data, then use MOVE FILE ACTIVITY where we can keep the source file path as excel file path in your project folder and destination folder as the shared folder path

that would work for sure

Cheers @opas1216

Thank you, I’l try it today!

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Cheers @opas1216

Thank you for your helping! @Palaniyappan

I tried to do it in local then move it back to shared folder.
It worked smoothly without any exception!

Really appreciated.:blush:

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