Why After Finishing Input From Excel Still Opening Google Chrome?

Why When After Finishing Inputting data from excel still opening google chrome i’m using for each row to open and read excel and give an output variable from opening browser is that making opening browser even after the data is end? thanks

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Hi @marvin_ariel_johannes ,

You can use close application activity to close your browser at the end


i Already use that i mean why after alldata get inputed from excel why after close open the chrome again and again without inputing anything because my data from excel already ended

can you please show me you main.xml file

hi @rishabhverma,

Check for the Transaction loop - Meaning the condition where you are looping the DataTable from Excel. The loop count should be not be more than the f items in excel.

The loop should work only for DT.rows.count.

What you can also do is - Keep only 3 items in excel and run the process in debug mode and See why the Open process chrome is executing again.