Why 40 chars per word max? + broken linking


Having done a couple of activity updates under project, this limitation of “40 characters max per word” is starting to be irritating. Why is it even there? I don’t get it.
It would be fine if the weblink feature would actually redirect to the link that you post there, but it doesn’t - posting a link there to where current sample project will be stored ( https://github.com/Kalladystine/Kalladystine.DataModels.Generators/tree/master/GeneratorsDemo ) cuts it to just link to the repo ( https://github.com/Kalladystine/Kalladystine.DataModels.Generators ) -> example here https://connect.uipath.com/community/project/entity-generators.

If it would be possible to actually add non-broken links in the activity OR the link would work directly would make the other issue much easier to cope with, but right now there is no real way to post a link that someone can click and get where he should.

Sidenote: just also noticed that the same as with Go! comments, it removed all linebreaks which makes the limit of 1900 characters kind of unrealistic (that would be an unreadable wall of text).

Hi @andrzej.kniola,

Firs of all this is what we like the most: feedback, feedback, feedback.

Secondly, YES the no clickable link is a bug and we are going to work on it as soon as possible.

Also, on my side, the links aren’t automatically split by the system. But we will investigate more next week.

Regarding the “40 characters max per word” is it a problem only because of the links, or you have another example?

You are right about comments, but it’s on our roadmap to make this part even better, it would be something that the UiPath forum users will love.

Let us know if you have more feedback for us.


Fortunately just the links so far really, but in practice namespaces would be affected as well, i.e. an activity feed update of “Got a couple of messages that XYZ doesn’t show in Intellisense, so when testing make sure to import NamespacesAre.UsuallyOver.40Characters.IfYouDo.UseThem, it should solve the issue.”

I might be overthinking it, though. But mainly it’s links, as breaking them with spaces nullifies their purpose.

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