Who should use UiPath Go!

Is Go! designed to be a platform where people can share their snippets with other developers (who they dont know) or is it designed for companies who want to share snippets within the company (just like git)
I am confused, why I should use GO!

Thank you!

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Hey @ClemensSteinbauer As far as i can tell it is just an online library for different UiPath resources. Quite a lot of people would post on the forum (here) for advice to assist them in creating workflows, which im not discouraging, However its also worth seeing if what you need already exists on there.

Hope that answers your question.

So it is not supposed to be a collaboration tool for teams?

Hi @ClemensSteinbauer
you got the answer already and i really appreciate your interest towards this
and its not meant for any specific group or a organization level
its about individual
you, me or anyone can contribute…thats so great isn’t it…
any one who gets into uipath go as community contributor can share the workflow, snippect, custom activity as a component that would help others who are within the uipath go or even the one who is looking for such a component even without being a member in uipath go

For more info on uipath go, uipath has given us a exclusive document on it
hope this could help you a lot

Cheer @ClemensSteinbauer