Who knows the useage of the software called "synaEye" ver5.0


I can’t surf on the japan network.
And I want to know the useage of this software.
Is there any one help me to search the guideline for me.
thank you very much

DynaEye is OCR software to read forms.
It’s contains OCR engine, and software making defines of forms.

DynaEye EX is software for making form defines, to help reading images and make OCR more accuracy.

yeah I want to know how to use it.
can you help me ?
I can’t find any guideline in the Internet .
can you help me ?

User manual is ;

English manual or guide isn’t published yet, I think.

I am sorry that the website you told me was just a poster.
If you have some time .
could you please help me to have a try?
I want to the circuit. the process.
thany you very much

Thank you

Maybe I have solved this qustion.
Thanks for you help.
Best wishes to you .P2WW-2674-01.7z.004.pdf (388.7 KB)
P2WW-2674-01.7z.001.pdf (3 MB)
P2WW-2674-01.7z.003.pdf (3 MB)
P2WW-2674-01.7z.002.pdf (3 MB)