Who can i compare 2 excel file plz?

The message boxes are simply there as placeholders so that my example can show you that the evaluation of the names has taken place and a result of equal or non-equal has been produced. You can add whatever code you want from that point into the “Then” side or the “Else” side of the evaluation, for example, your need to change the colour of the cell.


can you send me a picture of the process plz ?
What i have to change to have the right condition and the cell change color to red plz :slight_smile:

Please visit the links I sent which detail how to change cell colours in an excel document or ask the forum as I feel like I am having to do this for you.

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No sorry my friend its not really that, :wink: For the color i am checking the link, i am talking about the process, want i need to do to have the good process to search the names. Did i let the same process you gave me ?

I think your easiest option is to create a new file where the cells that don’t match are highlighted.

I have put together an example you can adapt to your needs.

CompareNames_v2.zip (6.6 KB)

The output is as below:

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Yes maybe but i need some information in the excel i want to be highlighted

I’ve just added a step which does just that. Like I say, you can adapt it for your needs. I can’t keep doing this with only bits of requirements each time

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its not working, the process highlighted all the names not just the names on excel 1
For Example if there is 4 people so it will highlight the 4 first people on the list
Can you help me my friend ?

Screenshots or XAML file would help.


Looks ok to me, please provide screenshots of your data files.

There is something certainly wrong with your workflow. See attached two sample files and the same workflow I sent earlier, the output is fine:




CompareTables_v4.zip (15.5 KB)

Honestly, I have shown you how to do this, it works as I have explained it. If you are finding errors, let me know.

Have you checked your data to ensure they are in fact the same? As I stated, it works for me.

i see the probleme, the process is highlighting the name doesnt exist, but what i want is the reverse of that :slight_smile:

is this sentence says : if you find the same name in the data1 and 2 ?
row.Item(“Prénom Nom”).ToString = dtTable2.Rows(intRowNumber)(0).ToString