Who all has completed the paid Uipath Advanced Certification? ($850)


I have completed the following 4 certifications from the Uipath Portal:-

  1. foundation
  2. SAP automation
  3. Orchestrator 2018
  4. Advanced training (Academy 2)

Now my company/Organization is forcing me to have the paid final certification as soon as possible, (maybe next week) and they are ready to sponsor it for me.

Also they tell me that if I am not able to pass it, my job will be at risk.

I am just looking for some pointers and tips to make sure that I clear it. Any kind of information regarding the same will be helpful.

Thanks and regard,

hey mate, I am also looking for this answer. You got any help?

I also want to complete advance paid certification… Can someone please help me? How to contact sales team? bcoz when I try to contact they did not accept gmail ID and right now I am not working… Please Guide me