Whitelist robot to access Orchestrator in Azure

Hi everyone,
i tried to whitelist robot in my PC, using Azure Resource - Network - Access Restriction


And i only have 1 orchestrator, but in azure i have 3 App Services,
and as i know,
the “orchestrator” app service is target to Orchestrator web,
the “orchstrator-is” app service is target to Identity Management web,
but i still don’t know what is the “orchestrator-wh” app service target to.


And i did the whitelisting on this 3 app services, but still has this error when i accessing the orchestrator
{“message”:“An error has occurred.”,“errorCode”:0,“resourceIds”:null}

Anyone has experience for whitelisting orchestrator in Azure?

Thanks all.

Hey @Felix_Effendi

How are you trying to access orchestrator ?

You mean accessing APIs ?


Hi @Nithinkrishna ,
Thanks for replying. Btw i can access the orchestrator by opening the orchestrator URL, i think it similar like when we access the cloud community orchestrator, just target the URL of the App Service, and sign in.

Actually my orchestrator was installed in Azure as SaaS.

So basically, my plan is to whitelist each Server’s Public IP that connect to orchestrator. the concept will looks like below image.

And i already set the public IP for each countries in the App Service Access Restriction, for the orchestrator App Service, orchestrator-is App Service, and orchestrator-wh App Service, but then when i try the orchestrator, it shows above error message in the browser.