While writing into excel file,two columns are writing as text

I am reading the excel files in a folder and dividing the data what i want and writing into another excel file.
While writing the divided data into excel file,two columns are writing as text(actually the two columns contains numbers).

While you dividing text if you are using Substring or string operations this will automatically convert that as a string, before you write into excel, convert the divided data to int/decimal using convert.ToInt32(text) then write that value to excel file.

Hi Divyashree,
Here i am attaching my work flow,can u please check it once.Main.xaml (33.8 KB)

Hi In Build dataTable itself you have created columns as string what are the columns needs to be number make them as int while creating data table, while adding add data row convert string into int and then add data to table.

Thank u Divyashree, that works.