While using the split function getting error(One dimensional array cannot be converted to string)

I am trying to get the order Id from the below page,


While using assign activity to split the text am getting the error, 1 dimensional array cannot be converted to string


can anyone please help me to fix this issue?


Hi @shajanjose,

strvalue="Order number 60003946 saved"
strOrderNumber=strvalue.Split(" ".ToCharArray())(2)

if you are splitting the string variable you need to put some condition to identity from based on what character need to split.

if you use split function it will return the array value.
For example

string s = "there is a cat";
        // Split string on spaces.
        // ... This will separate all the words.
        string[] words = s.Split(' ');
        foreach (string word in words)

Refer this link

Regards, Arivu :slight_smile:


str.Split(" ".ToCharArray())(2)

Maybe it works.

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Thanks Honoka, this solution is working :slight_smile: