While using anchor base activity with get text,getting value out of range exception


I am using anchor base activity with get text.But getting value out of range exception.

Can anyone tell me how to resolve this error?

@pooja3 can I have screenshot of your anchor base and the error which you got.

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Welcome to uipath community
Kindly share the screenshot of anchor base activity and the property panel of get text activity
And finally the activity where this error occurred

This can be resolved with those details
Cheers @pooja3

Hi venkatmalla6,

Thanks for your reply.

Please check the attached


And one more thing I hope out of range error will usually come when we use index to get a value
I hope the error is not with get text activity as it won’t give us any index based values
Pls check with the activity where this error occurred
Kindly correct if I m wrong
Cheers @pooja3

@pooja3 by using get text were you able to identify the particular element.

Inside anchor base activity i am using find element activity and then using get text trying to get the value of that field.

Kindly indicate the selector again for the get text activity
Like delete and reuse it again and make sure that the selector chosen is validated
— kindly use Internet Explorer rather to the Chrome as it is more reliable

Cheers @pooja3


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Kindly let know if that work or not
This can be resolved
Cheers @pooja3

I tried on internet explorer but still getting same error

Is that get text activity is used with a attach browser or attach window if so kindly select the whole page as a element
Cheers @pooja3

not using attach browser.

linkedInproject2.xaml (33.6 KB)

Please check the attched workflow

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How i can find particular field on entire page Pop-Up without using anchor base?

As i am trying to get the email id but this field varies like sometimes it comes at the top or at the bottom on the pop-up page.