While uploading data from a excel file to website some data isn't filling to uiElements

While uploading excel data to a website couldn’t upload some data , some fields are empty and throwing run time error.
Excel Fie:
RPAChallengeDay2.xlsx (11.6 KB)
Website : HR On-boarding Process Form – Stardex

Hi @Vidhi_Patel, I think so there is some issue with the UiElements, which you are targeting. Try to more make the selector dynamic and reliable to feed data to it.

For the first time it target correct element but then due to speed of how fast it targets element some filed gets omitted.

@Vidhi_Patel , this is the issue only due to the selector, you have to build the robust selector by looking at 3-5 transaction, once after processing a transaction check what are the changes are there in selector for 2nd transaction, this way you can build the robust selector

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@Vidhi_Patel, you can use “Delay” activity in between to speed down the process, so that it will process all the fields

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i tried that already didn’t succeed though.

Yes this could be happed, can you elaborate , how to make selector robust?!

@Vidhi_Patel Hi

@Vidhi_Patel, you can refer to the following link and use wildcards to make selectors robust

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@Vidhi_Patel , have a look on this thread here you will get to know the best practice to create the selector.

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You should select ‘wait for page load’ as complete, try increasing delay, make selectors dynamic and robust and try this with different ‘input modes’ to verify what input methods this web page works with perfectly.
I hope anyone of these options can solve your problem.

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Hello @Vidhi_Patel

Check your selector and identify whether any dynamically changing attributes are there. If yes, you need to replace it with variables or with the wild card. Also, try adding more delay or use wait for element exists activity.

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NewEmployee.xaml (16.6 KB)
I am able to write data in every time, where are you facing issue

@Vidhi_Patel there is no need to open browser again and again. please check my workflow.

I improved that too selected single window in window attach mode property. now its works good for me.

HR Onboarding Bot.zip (1.5 MB)
This works check it.

This helps a lot to figure out ! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for tutorial. :slight_smile:

@Vidhi_Patel great. Happy learning

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