While trying to run/debug any process I'm getting this error. The given key 'HOME' was not present in the dictionary

I’m suddenly getting this error saying, "The given key ‘HOME’ was not present in the dictionary."while trying to Run/Debug any process in Studio.

Using : UiPath 2021.12.0-beta
Community License.

Hi @enandus,

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Could you please share the flow or a screenshot where you got the error?



your dictionary doesn’t have the key “HOME” that you are trying to access. You should check this dictionary to see the existing keys and to understand why the key “HOME” is not present. You should add this key to the dictionary before you could use it.


See, it is happening for all of processes I’m trying to run.

It’s not specific to a single process.

Did you take a look at this discussion Unable to start executions?


Thanks @q.gio for recommendation.

I’ll read it and do the needful.

Hope it gets resolved.


Could you please upgrade the packages and try it again.


I just restarted the machine and it is working fine now.

I guess, I need to restart my machine more often now. :smile:

Thanks for the help everyone.

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