While saving the CSV file Sheet name also changing

I am downloading the CSV file and saving it by current date . when the file is being saved, the sheet name is also the current date and it is unable to read the sheet name
Why sheet name changing?How can I fix this?

Hi @Poojitha

You can give the sheet name dynamically.

In sheet name pass the Date.Now → which will return the current date.


This current date which you mentioned here, you can pass it in the sheet name field while reading the excel sheet.


Thanks for ur response

If I give file name 'test data.csv then automatically sheet name also changing

Check this @Poojitha


It okay you can pass the same name in sheet field as well to read the file. @Poojitha

Hello @Poojitha ,

Actually the concept of sheet names is not present in CSV files. It will use the filename as sheet name always. If you want to use the CSV data, You can use “Read CSV” activity or even use Sheet index (that is 0) instead of name.