While saving data into excel sheet using add data row it is coming last record repeating again first record and coming 2 times

hi Guys,

i am saving data from one excel sheet row to another excel sheet if mismatches the records in 1st excel. while saving last mismatched record is appearing in 2 places. 1 is in first position and 2 nd is in the last position of the sheet.
duplicating the last saving record in sheet.

Help me


@anilkumar.vegi Can you maybe tell us the Process what you want to do ? Also If you want to remove duplicates in the Excel, you can use the Remove Duplicate Rows Activity.

To help further you can provide us a Sample Data that you are using and the Output that you Expect and explain the operation that you want to perform.

Also you can tell us currently what you have done as well.

my requirement is working fine but while writing into excel sheet same last added record is appearing in 2 times

@anilkumar.vegi Yes. But that depends on what operation you are performing and How you have used the Activities :sweat_smile:. Also if you simply want to remove the duplicates use Remove Duplicate Rows Activity.

1 st not removing the duplicates … (no need to use the Remove duplicates)