While running Bot using Task Scheduler Bot is not able to find the Element when screen is lock


Hi Team,

While running bot using Task Scheduler , Bot is not able to find the screen elements when screen is locked.
Please help this is urgent.


what kind of license do you have?
only Back Office Robots are able to work when the user is not logged in -according to UiPath


Even Front office Robots also work


please check credential manager weather you have provided windows credentials properly or not.Untitled


Not true. I am copying from https://robot.uipath.com/docs/introduction some part about the Attended (FO) Robots
"You cannot start a process from Orchestrator on this type of Robots, and they cannot run under a locked screen"



he mentioned triggered using windows task scheduler


Using Windows Scheduler does not mean that you have a BO Robot.
The only thing you achieve with Windows Scheduler is not to have a human starting the process every hour or so. The package exists in the local machine and not in the Orchestrator or another remote environment.
So you have a FO Robot running and you need a BO licenced Robot to be able to run while the computer is locked.


we used to trigger FO bot using scheduler though system is locked


Are you sure that the license is a FO one? It smells like BO license to me


i am sure it’s FO license


OK, this is VERY interesting!

Could you please explain how you achieved this (maybe with UiPath and Windows version info)?
I am asking for the versions because UiPath officially do not support the Windows Scheduler triggering anymore -that is what they say-.

I know that we can instruct the Windows Scheduler to run when the system is locked, but how can you make UiPath identify the UI elements?


follow above screenshot and give your windows credentials.

uiPath version is 2016.2.6274


Hello @pathrudu

using FO in a standalone environment is a license terms violation. FO can be used and triggered only by an agent that shares the same desktop.


I am not sure about License terms. we used to do it in my previous organisation when i was newbie to Uipath



I have doubt if it was against terms then i would like to know why that option was give? (Just i want to know)