While running an automation on VDI, If VDI window is minimized UiPath stops working



I have designed an automation using UiPath which uses SAP application and excel.
UiPath and SAP are installed on VDI.
If I run the automation and minimise the VDI window then the automation stops working.
If I keep the VDI maximised the automation works perfectly fine.

So, my question is why is this behaviour.
Is the UiPath’s mandatory requirement that the application is visible and not in minimised mode.
Please help.


UiPath doesn't work on VDI
Run the bot in background when the VDI is Locked

Hello there,

Known behavior. Please have a look here. :slight_smile:

BOT is not identifying SAP GUI images/elements when remote server is in minimized mode, it is working fine when i am in remote machine


Thanks for response.
I will go through the post.