While run a job getting error"#job for #process click on #robot deploy failed. (#1680)"

(upload://bmhpKKqZ1jpu78ohGc3e5QLbySi.png) g)

You missed the screenshot @swetha26. Post it again so that we will know the issue :slight_smile:

check out this

Click on the options (dots) available on the right and choose view log where you will have the issue. Post that to understand the issue you have

View logs,It will give only for sucessful jobs.
when source is manual state is faulted
when source is agent state is success
check this below image

below are the screenshots which u asked view logs

Nothing like that, If we have something to log in the workflow, then it will log else, it won’t.

Faulted in the sense, it is not able to start or there is some error in the process which is not handled. Can you check that once? Is your process starts?

You can try this.