While publishing Im getting an error

Unexpected error has occurred during the library compilation process:
Workflow ‘*.xaml’ is invoking workflow ‘GetTransactionData’ with argument ‘in_TransactionNumber’ that does not exists in workflow ‘GetTransactionData’.

Im getting this error and Im unable to fix it. The process is working fine in reframework but unable to publish due to this error. Any fix.


Hi @Ruchita_Patil ,

Could you let us know some more details of the Error that you are receiving ?

Is it only happening when you publish ? Could you maybe show the error screenshot at that stage ?

Also, Are you able to open the workflow GetTransactionData ?

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I cannot share but the error that is happening is after publishing. YEs the workflow is working fine and we can open the Get Transcation.xaml

Hi @Ruchita_Patil ,

Try to open and validate the project before publishing it.
You can validate from here

and if validation is successful then try to open the GetTrasnactionData Workflow and check the arguments where you are invoking GetTransactionData.xaml file.

hope it helps


Im not using thaT argument that is giving this error. I used it before but Im not using it now

Have you tried closing and re-opening the project?

Yes. The process is running fine got zero errors but after publishing there was an error

Try to delete the folder which starts with a dot(Before deleting take a backup of your whole project), and then close and re-open the project.

Any other way?

Can you share the error and other helpful snaps?
and also the file location snaps where it is saved.

and when you are getting this error, as soon as you click on publish button or you can select folder and version then after that it is giving error.

@FIROZ_RANGREZ I am agreed with you. This kind of error comes because of argument mismatch

@Ruchita_Patil checked out these below things.

  1. Check the workflow “GetTransactionData” and make sure it has an argument called “in_TransactionNumber”.
  2. Check the workflow that is invoking “GetTransactionData” and make sure it is passing the argument “in_TransactionNumber” correctly. Click on Import Argument where the workflow is invoking, some time it is not reflected there.
  3. If you have renamed or deleted the argument “in_TransactionNumber” in the workflow “GetTransactionData”, you need to update the workflow that is invoking it with the new argument name.
  4. Make sure that the argument types match between the invoking workflow and the invoked workflow.