While processing multiple data files, incase any file has incorrect data, I would move to next. How to achieve it?

I have multiple excel files. Data files to load data to an application.
Each time data is loaded and saved, An order is created in the application. Email notification is done and moved to next file.
Say in the data file, customer number is incorrect. Incorrect customer will only be captured once we try to load it in application and we get

In this case i would send apt email notification and move to the next data file for processing.

How do i achieve this?


How you are processing it, if you have used looping statement inside that loop you can check the condition you want by using a conditional statement then can do appropriate activity based on that.

Ok. Thanks for the reply.

My condition is, If the data is in valid, it should come out of the loop and move to the next file for processing , else should continue the flow.

Now, if it faces invalid data, how do i stop processing the file and other sequential steps of Data loading to application. Come out of the loop and move to the next file.

Any pointers?

are not you using if or decision activity…?

you can keep all the code in one side if condition is passed and if you find incorrect data goto else part and come out of the process