While i download the zip files of uipath automation lesson uipath application gets corrupt i face issue in workflow. is there any solution for it

I have been facing the issue in zip files

Hi @Swagasmini_Jena
are you talking about sample projects?

Yes do they get corrupt

Nope. May i get the link from where you are trying to download pls.

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yes the same link as given in lessons . the zip files


I get the same problem in every zip files

@loginerror can you help here pls?


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Hi @Swagasmini_Jena

At which point do you get an error message? What does it say?

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i dont see the activities properly so what to do?

The error seems to be “Cannot find the UI element”, which would mean that the website with the Fake Name Generator is not opened during the execution.

As a test, you can try it out first by using the Open Browser activity to open your website instead of the Attach Browser activity that requires it to already be opened.

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it was opened

In that case there has to be something with the selector of the example activity.

First thing first, I would still try to recreate the basic steps of the example in the separate project using the Open Browser activity.
I would start simple, let’s open the browser at the correct URL and click a button.

If that works, it will be easy to compare the working project with the non-working one to find the differences.

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yes I AM DOING it by myself all the workflows has the same problem. it doesnot show the activities properly

I have one more clue. Your log says:

This happens if you saved a XAML file on your Desktop and then run it. It most likely recreated some files automatically and created a project called Desktop for you (with all the files being in that one folder, a Desktop).

I cannot seem to download the file you attached, but if it contains a full project (that is, Main.xaml + project.json file), then you should unzip everything to a separate folder on your Desktop and open it via Studio from the project.json file.

I hope it makes sense :sweat_smile:


I did sir