While executing,the bot is writing only the latest field in excel


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I am pretty new to working with RPA and facing this following issue and unable to understand where im wrong.
Issue: the bot has to read 3 fields and write into excel but it is writing only the latest field i.e its writing only the third field in excel.
When im running it for one record, its working fine but if multiple records(in a loop),its not working

Any suggestions/ideas to fix this will be of great help.
Attached is them image on how it should come and how its coming.

doc1|690x388- this is how it should come

- this is how its coming

due to some firewall issues,unable to upload the .xaml file…but the screenshots which I posted earlier are from the .xaml file itself



@usha1 In write excel file do rows count and pass in write cell


@indra: indra,i did that ,its writing but while in loop im getting issue i.e only 1 records is writing…the loop is not working…im not sure why


@usha1 Can you attach your workflow


Are you writing inside the loop?


@sarathi125: yes im writing inside the loop


@indra : unable to upalod more than 1 image…how shall I send u the wf image


Upload the workflow


@indra.@ sarathi125 : pfa the workflows








Kindly upload the .xaml file from the solutions folder.


@usha1 zip your project folder and upload


click the REPLY Button

And click the green highlighted icon to upload the xaml file @usha1


@RaviDevaraj,@sarathi125 : hi due to some firewall issues,unable to uplaod the .xaml files,but the screenshots which i shared are from the files itself…any idea to solve this will be helpful