While coppying a cell from excel sometimes trrows an exception

i am begginer in uipath.i develop a process of copying data from a cell of an sepecific excell sheet and paste the data to whatsapp and send the message. in a single process the same task need to do for 16 times for different cell of that specific sheet and send to different whatsapp group. morever this process need to run for 24*7. so i deploy a robot and make it schedule hourly. It runs every hour perfectly to complete whole process, problem is that some times in an hour among copying 16 data it fails to copy shows a message in excel and throws an exception or error in ui path which i sharing below.
excell shows notification
uipath exception below
Please help me out to get rid of this exception with easy solution. Thanks in advance for understanding.

You are getting this exception because of the pop up in excel. Make an exception handler that checks if the pop up exists then just click the “OK” button and proceed with the rest of what it should do. You may also consider what is causing the “problem with the clipboard” being mentioned in the pop up. You may implement clearing of clipboard after every pasting activity.

Hi @Md_Ziarul_Haque_Sark,

You can use the CopyData activity form here. It will set the text in the clipboard. So you can paste it anywhere…

If you have package issue. Please ensure that you have this.

Sample :

Md_Ziarul_Haque_Sark.zip (28.2 KB)

Thank you

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