While calling API facing 401 Error


I am trying to call my company portal API with using parameters facing " Request Method: POST
Status Code: 401 ". Even i have provided the Simple HTTP authentication still the error remains same. Even i have passed variable to Body like json format still the same.

Please someone help me. Thank you


Facing a “401 Unauthorized” error when trying to call your company portal API indicates that the authentication credentials you’re using are not being accepted by the server.

Ensure that the authentication credentials you are providing (username and password or API token) are correct. Double-check for any typos or errors in the credentials.

Facing a “401 Unauthorized” error while calling an API indicates that the server is rejecting your request due to insufficient or incorrect authentication. Verify that you are using the correct authentication method required by the API.

How and were to pass API token, please guide me


An API token is typically provided by the service or platform that offers an API you want to interact with. It’s a form of authentication that allows you to make authorized requests to the API on behalf of a user or application