While activity

Hi all,
As I already mentioned that I’m UiPath fresher, I wanted to understand while activity to print 1-15 even numbers.


Drag a while activity…give condition as True and in properties max loop count to be 15
and inside the loop use index+1 in log message and index will be the while loop index property again ,you need to assign a variable to it with name index or anything that you want


Ok thanq so much… will try

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Hi @shama93

=> Take an assign activity and create a Count Variable (int datatype) initialize the value as 1.

  • Assign → Count = 1
    => After assign take an while loop activity. In the condition give like this Count <= 15
    => Inside while use log message to print the Count values. In the message field give Count.toString and In log level select Info
    => After log message activity insert the assign activity to increment the Count.
    → Count = Count+1

Hope it helps!!

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