Which tools we can use integrated with the UiPath?


I’m wondering that what are the tools we can use integrated with the UiPath.
Some of my clients ask me about integrating with Jenkins, Docker and so on. Do we have a complete list of tools that can work with UiPath?

For example can we use another application/tools instead of Orchestrator to trigger jobs? etc.



If you don’t have Orchestrator then use Task scheduler to schedule the tasks.

May I know what purpose do you want to integrate tools with UIPath.

for example, selenium test tool can be integrated with the jenkins and you can use it while building your code. Can we use UiPath instead of Selenium?

I need example of system approaches of UiPath…


We can’t integrate UIPath with those tools. Here, we are using UIPath to mimic the human actions.

I see but below post is discussed about integrating jenkins.

And also, docker and UiPath. I couldn’t find documentation of these tools whether we can use with UiPath or not.

Hi @Tarantababu

There is a plugin on Go! which might be of interest to you:

As far as Docker, I believe it is still being evaluated by our team. It might be on the menu given enough interest.


Thanks for your efforts…