Which situations can we use string.format?

ı was studying about string methods, and i didin’t understand, which situations can we use string.format ?

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This is how I remember it.
“Format” means you are setting a string format essentially. So, you can replace all items in a numerical order. So, you can replace {0},{1},{2},…{x}… as many items as you want.

For example,
“ABC{0}” would be a format where {0} represents a value that will be placed in that position.
String.Format("ABC{0}","123") will return “ABC123”

You can also include more values, but maybe the format doesn’t include the values.
Like this:
String.Format("ABC{0}{1}","123","456","789") will return “ABC123456” since you only had {0} and {1} in the format.

So, this is useful if you want to set parameters that to be dynamic with a particular format, such as filenames. For example, if you have a Year in the folder, you can do this:
filePath = "C:\{0}\{1} results.xlsx"
String.Format(filePath, Year(Today), Today.ToString("yyyy.MM.dd") will return “C:\2019\2019.07.18 results.xlsx”

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thank you :slight_smile:

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