Which safety regulations robot should follow to avoid disasters?

I am building an automated workflow to export and import data from internal tools. but import-export buttons are next to delete buttons. I figure out sometimes, instead of clicking in import/export buttons, it clicks on “delete” button.

It is lucky that I am testing on testing environment, so we don’t have any big problems here. But if I apply this robot on production environments with real data, it will be huge disasters.
I know I can change indicators to detect correct button, but I can see there are still risks around here. “Clicking wrong buttons” event still may be happen again, so I would like to know any safety regulations I should apply to reduce risks.

Please discuss and share your cases with me. I am newbie in RPA, and I know there are still so many risks I havent found and I am very happy to learn about it

Hi @voxter ,
Can not “Clicking wrong buttons”
You need edit default of click activity
edit selector, edit attribute,…
to click correct

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Use anchors for import and export buttons it will be easy to the robot to identify these elements.
Please Uncheck the fuzzy and image selectors in your selection option or in your properties panel of your workflow for that elements.
Use appropriate delay or wait activities before interacting with elements to ensure that the page has fully loaded and is ready for interaction.
Use retry mechanism if the bot fails to click in the import or export button it will retry another time.

thank you for sharing. I am still learning it. But I think we still need some methods to control risks. Do we have any others method to avoid risks ?

in addition, would you mind to remove your Vietnamese comment. We can discuss in internal chat

Hi @voxter ,
example :
RPA robot is to follow the step of human,
in here, you are worried that clicking in the wrong place will lead to risk, I understand that for example there is 1 delete button and 1 add button next to each other

wrong click it will lead to consequences
what is solution by human when click error ? → create flow for robot same that
click is simple activity in RPA, I think it’s difficult to click error
worrisome is that it won’t click and fail the bot. stop job


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we have forum vietnam, or you can send message to me if you need
I will help you if I can :grinning:

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