Which queue items (per Status) should Get Transaction Item return?

@postwick ,
I agree with your simple explanation of how the queue processing is supposed to work. I did go ahead and set up a test that sets transaction status on items in a brand new queue that I set up. All worked as expected, so I’m going to conclude that the prod queue that I have a problem with is corrupt some how and have now created a replacement for it.

The really crazy thing that I discovered as I looked into it is that in my real application on that prod queue, the exception type is being set to “Business”–so no retry should ever happen, but yet that was what was happening. When I tested on the simple test mentioned above, Business exceptions were never retried, and Application ones were retried if the queue was set up for retry.

So hopefully, this is just a one off and getting rid of that corrupt queue solves the problem.

Thanks for taking the time to offer insight on my question!