Which public cloud is the UiPath cloud on?

Hi everyone.
Which public cloud is the UiPath cloud on? I want to monitor an application on Azure using UiPath. If UiPath is on Azure, it becomes impossible to distinguish which layer is broken.
Thanks in advance.

Hello @sisikawa

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As per my understanding, UiPath Automation Cloud is currently available on both AWS and Azure. Users can choose which cloud provider they want to use when setting up their UiPath Automation Cloud account.

Please ellaborate your actual requirement with some steps.



I think it’s on Azure because the following document says it uses Microsoft Azure availability zones.


Hi Rahul and Yoichi,
Thank you for your answer!
Rahul says the choices are AWS and Azure. But since my tenancy is a free trial for now, the system didn’t ask me about it, perhaps.
On the other hand, the documentation says Azure AZ, as Yoichi told me.
I’m a bit confused. Please tell me how do I determine it.
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