Which orchestrator to use when attempting UiPath certification pratical exam

Hi All,

Can you please help me understand on which Orchestrator to use while attempting UiPath Advanced developer certification practical exam? http://platform.uipath.com/ is not accessible. currently i am practising under Enterprise edition connected to my company’s orc server. So i didnt had to install all the prerequisites like SQL server and .net framework etc. I don’t think i can use the same when attempting the pratical exam.

Any suggestions please on using the Orchestrator for practical exam.


Hi @raghukram,

If I recall correctly, the exam explicitly states that you should NOT be utilizing any features within Orchestrator to complete the practical exam (e.g. no assets, no queues, etc.).
With that in mind, it does not matter which Orchestrator server you are connected to while completing the practical exam. In fact, it does not matter if you are not connected to an Orchestrator at all :slight_smile:


@Kristopher I have come accross few practical questions like below where we are required to to create assets in the Orchestrator.

Sample Question#
The solution has to be scalable, so create two separate projects (sub-processes):

  • One for the Dispatcher (add to queue);
  • Another one for the Performer (consume queue).
    Make sure you use a connection to an UiPath Orchestrator for testing.

Are we sure we dont need Orchestrator altogether while attempting the pratical exam?

I used Enterprise when attempting mine and had no issues. Depending on the instructions you may or may not use queues and or assets.

I would worry more about knowing how to handle develop a solution to the problem rather than the Orcehstrator edition :wink: