Which Orchestrator account is used in Studio?

I am running in Studio a project which uses Orchestrator.
In the tray, there is no robot visible.
How does Studio know which Orchestrator URL/account to access?

The UiPath Robot software creates a link from the machine to the Orchestrator. That software configuration can be used by studio without opening the UiPath Robot Software.

Basically once you connected a machine to Orchestrator once all users and UiPath software will automatically use that connection.

Please let me know if that doesn’t answer your question.

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No, maybe my question was not clear.
My Studio is connecting to a certain Orchestrator account, not the one I would like.
How do I tell Studio to connect to my Orchestrator account, UiPath Orchestrator ?

Are you saying you are connected to the wrong Orchestrator and wish to connect to a different Orchestrator instance?

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I have the “right” Orchestrator open in Chrome, but I think the Studio is connecting to a different account.

Usually this won’t happen unless we do it explicitly
Like unless we mention the orchestrator url and machine key in the Robot Tray the specific orchestrator won’t be connected to that machine, so said, to the studio installed in that machine.

If we mention the url, machine key from a orchestrator of a user then that machine is said as connected with a specific orchestrator

Cheers @borreo

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I still don’t get it.
Can the Studio connect to Orchestrator, without the Robot in the tray?
If yes, how do I tell Studio to which Orchestrator should it connect?

Orchestrator is connected directly to UIPATH ROBOT and not to STUDIO, as it says that that orchestrator enables you to orchestrate your UiPath Robots
You got the answer for this question in your next line itself buddy

Yes…we mention orchestrator to be connected only in Robot Tray which is a user interface for ROBOT not STUDIO

Then you may ask how the studio is connected to orchestrator and how the package when published in STUDIO is used in ORCHESTRATOR

Publishing an automation project means archiving the workflow and all the other files in the folder so that it can be sent to Robots and then executed.

Automation projects can be published to Orchestrator, a custom NuGet feed or locally. After publishing to Orchestrator, the archived project is displayed in the Packages page. From here you can distribute it to other Robots, by assigning the package to an environment (creating a process).

That is though the package is published in studio it can’t be used in orchestrator unless we create a process for that package
While creating process we need to mention environment
While creating environment we need to mention the robot
For mentioning robot we need to have a machine
To have machine in orchestrator we need to have connected that machine with orchestrator
To connect that machine with orchestrator we use ROBOT TRAY, the user interface for robot

Hope this would help you
Cheers @borreo

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