Which one will works with more priority, maximum retries in orchestrator queue or from config file constant sheet


In Reframe work we have config file “Constants” sheet we can provide maximum no of retries and queue also we can provide maximum no of retries, can any one please suggest with reason which one will work with more priority, maximum retries provided in the constants sheet or maximum retries provided in orchestrator queue.

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when workqueue is defining a retry, then the config retry setting will not be applied

Feel free to debug the flow and trace the detail retry iteration calculation logic

Hi, @Chippy_Kolot

If you are using the queues , then only queue retries gets considered irrespective of the number in the constant sheet.
The max retry number in config will come into picture only when there is no Queues .

In the set transaction status , you have conditions that check if it is using queues/ not


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