Which of the following types of variables can be defined in uipath studio?

hi there i had this question and i answer the below and giving me it is wrong !!
the answer is

which of the following types of variables can be defined in uipath studio ?

1-genericvalue 2-datatable 3-number

my answer was all of them ! what is the wrong ?

All of them are supported in the UiPath.

Strange. Might be some issue.
Can you please remove the screenshot. Because it is not allowed to share the quiz questions here.

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There is no datatype called number and I think it should be int

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I understand bro, but the datatype name is integer and not number right ? So they might be expecting that number should be excluded for answer.


yes i know bro thats why am asking here because they consider my answer as wrong answer :frowning: this question was in certificate questions

am not quite sure bro, might be right thats why am asking here if someone who is surely know the answer !

yes there is number which is reference for the int and double

sure i will

so what do you think is the correct answer !

As @harinathreddy.yn said, they are asking the types defined instead of types available.

So, the answer excludes Numeric.

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so you think the correct answer will be only

1-genericvalue 2-datatable

@alialroomi Yes. Because of that small difference.

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aha ok bro many thanks :slight_smile:

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Number is wrong. Datatype for numbers is Int32.