Which missing package when automate powerpoint

Hi all,

I have a issue when automate with powerpoint. I don’t know which package is missed.

I have install some package such as : BalaReva…etc but the issue still happen

Picture as below… Thanks you!


which activity you are using?
what package of balarava installed.
share your xaml file

from your screenshot, i understood this is about the CV version which uipath recently using.
can you try to uninstall and install uipath.uiautomation.activities

Hi @venkat4u

Pls kindly check as attached.ExceltoPowerPoint.zip (317.4 KB)

hi @venkat4u

The system.text.Regular.Expressions has something wrong as below.

I have tried to uninstall and reinstall sometime but still can not.


i just checked your XAML files, you are using the latest version 2019 but i have only 2018.4 so can not help. But i suspect the error which you got is for uipath.computervision.activities

please try like this

also refer this as well

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Thanks you so much!

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