Which machine learning extractor format should I used for identity card and passport?

Apparently, there is a invoice machine learning format to use to extract invoice of different formats. But if it’s other kind of document like passport or identity card, which machine learning extractor should i choose?

@_itslw Try the Intelligent Form extractor-- This might fit your case…I am using this for extracting data from the CMS 1500 claim form and it did the job for my case…


Thanks @prasath17. Can I ask how to create a new taxonomy json file based on my pdf document format for like passport?

@_itslw: Once you create the document type…Taxonomy manager automatically creates the json for you

Add the Document Type : Passport


Add the required fields

Hi Prasath17! Is it possible if you could attach the uipath file that you used before for your work as a reference for me to follow suit? Thank you so much for helping me out. @prasath17

@_itslw - I don’t have xaml for your case. I suggest you to try with the help of different youtube videos , you can able to develop some solution.