Which logging level to use in production?


I’ve read through the documentation and understand the differences between each logging level but am still not sure which would be considered “best practice” for production.

My first impression was that verbose would be best to use for auditing/control purposes, since it also captures variable/argument values however the number of logs this ends up generating doesn’t seem to make it a practical selection…Information seems to generate a more reasonable amount but doesnt seem to leave you with something reliable enough to be considered a control.

Curious to see what the general consensus is as to which should be used

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  1. If it is related to any error then specify level as Error.

  2. specify level as Info to just information purpose.

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Thanks for the reply lakshman!

I think my question may have been abit too ambiguous, I was referring to the logging level setting for the robot in orchestrator, not the log activity