Which license is required to install and run attended robot in an offline machine?

Execution Environment:
Windows 7
Note: This is an offline machine( Although it has provision to connect to internet, it cannot be connected due to security concerns)

We already use commercial license but the robot is licensed in orchestrator via internal server(which cannot be done in this situation coz no internet access in the machine)
Question: Is there a way to install UiPath Studio to this machine and run attended robot.

Could someone point the exact license that is required to achieve this requirement.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @danielsampras,
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Studio by itself has an attended Robot so you can run automation through Studio. But as we know this should be done through it only for dev purposes. If you need to run it from Robot/Assistant then you can use offline licensing described here:

Hi @Pablito. Thanks for the answer. I checked the offline activation but the current enterprise license we use requires studio to be activated only via orchestrator, which connects to our on-premises server to validate license. I’m not sure about how this system works so was wondering if someone have successfully activated their studio offline with an enterprise license.

In that case I would suggest to contact with your sales partner. I’m pretty sure he will help you :slight_smile: