Which is the default robot in an environment?


I am looking for information on how a robot is chosen when a job is “Pending allocation”. I used to think it was in an alphabetical order, but I’ve seen some different behaviour which made me question my assumption.

E.g. we have an Unattended environment with the two robots assigned to it, one Prod4 the other Prod5.

All jobs with “Pending allocation” status were started on Prod4 when both bots were free, however we’ve just upgraded to a newer version and had to remove and add both robots again and I think this time Prod5 was added first.

Now all “Pending allocation” jobs start on Prod5 by default. Anyone can shed some light?

Many thanks

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I guess you have to check the Environment first, that your machine is only marked on Prod5.

As i understood you had created separate environment to Pending right.
So as your scenario 2 things can be happen

  1. You haven’t allocated Prod4 into your environment
  2. Check whether the Prod4 is Busy with that time slots

anyway , if you feel as that you say Prod5 is always taking first , just remove both and try to add Prod4 & Prod5 again as sequence and check the status

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Thank you for your replies.

Both Prod4 and Prod5 are allocated to the environment, and both are free at the time of my test. The environment wasn’t created just for Pending jobs, there are other jobs which run on specific robots in the same environment.

My question is more generic, I guess: in any environment, how does the Orchestrator choose which robot to allocate the pending job to, if all robots in that environment are free?

Many thanks