Which input method should i give priority?

Hello everyone !
I am using chrome browser in my automation and I want to run my process in background. I have 4 input methods : Hardware events, Send window messages, simulate, Chromium API.

What input method method should i give priority to use in my automation so that I can run it in background with perfect accuracy. ??

Thanks in advance.


I think Simulate is better if it works.If it doesn’t work, next try Chromium API.


Why Chromium API shouldn’t be my first option ?


First, check the following document.

Simulate is the fastest method and high accurate.
It may be matter of taste, ChromiumAPI is affected by CurosrPosition and it might be cause of trouble sometimes.
For example, let’s suppose when there is a link as the following link, then try to click by Chroimum API, It will fails (nothing happens), because center of the element is out of hyper link. (Simulate will successfully click)



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