Which Gmail Activities to use 2024?

I’m a bit confused about Google stuff. There seems to be several packages now and they are confusing to beginners. Which to use?

First under “Gmail and Outlook” category there is a “Use Gmail” activity, which defines the scope.

If you import the “GSuite” or “Google Workspace” package you get a whole new set of activities. But there doesn’t seem to be any scope activity there.

However, there is a “Google Workspace Scope” activity under Classic category. And these have a limited set of activities under Gmail.

Which to use? Which is the way of the future? Don’t we need to define scope first to handle connection and logging in etc?


Hi @Terry_Marr ,

You said yourself you could see Use Gmail na that is the container where you can place and play around with the gmail related activities the one withe the gmail icon ‘M’.

To answer your earlier question gsuite and google workspace which way is the way forward i suggest you to please go through the link below.

Hope this sheds some light on the doubts.

Happy automating.!!