Which features must be activated for installation

We would like to package UiPath Studio for installation via software distribution. We want to set up workstations for developers as well as robot operators. What are the features to activate during installation?

Hi Robert,

I’m not sure I fully understand your question, but maybe this link will help with your requirement:

Hi Ovi

Yeah, that’s what I need. Do you have any recommendation how to set the features for “business process designers” with studio and “front office users” without studio ?

For Attended(front office), you could install the Robot as a Windows service(UiPathPlatform.msi ADDLOCAL=DesktopFeature,Robot,RegisterService). You can also connect it to Orchestrator directly - you’ll find the command in the examples in the guide.

For the development environment you can either install Studio, Robot in user-mode and the activities packages or Install Studio, a Robot as a Windows service and the activities packages. This depends on your environment, specifically on the permissions of the users where you install the Robot.

The Robot in user-mode takes and runs with the permissions of the user under which is installed. The Robot as a service has all the privileges of a Windows service. You can license the Robot in user-mode as any type of Robot(Attended, Unattended, Development etc.).

I hope this helps!