Which command is used to select a random number from a list of Numbers?


Everytime the numbers in the list is varying , when i used to “Click” it is capturing the radio button + Number .

My need is to select a 2nd radio button every-time , irrespective of the number shown .

Can anyone suggest on this pls .

by guessing for every radio buton you will have different pattern if you remove the Number in selector and you keep “?” it should work


after you selected the radio button open the selector panel and repair with new page or you can use validate option.


Thanks Venkat …

i tried to do the same .


In a list of 5 , i clicked 2nd Element to select but it is selecting 3rd Element sometimes .
Dont know why !!

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Try using the attach to live element on the second button. this may give you a more dynamic selector.

Looks at the idx when checking your selector.

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